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Comedian Rik Roberts
Nashville Comedian Rik Roberts

If you are looking for the cleaner side of comedy, Rik is your guy.

Unlike a Comedy Club, your event requires an entertainer who will not put getting
laughs ahead of maintaining dignity. The comedy club atmosphere is conducive to
rough language and suggestive material. Many event planners have been “burned”
by hiring the wrong type of comedian and are reluctant to try comedy again.

Rik realized early on that entertainment for corporate and private groups requires a
different kind of performer. One who is upbeat, positive, professional & considerate
of the audience. A performer who will not jeopardize the reputation of those who
hired him.

Delivering the appropriate show means knowing the audience. Rik prides himself on
interacting with the group in a way that is fresh and inviting - not crude and
demeaning. He can "customize" his show to suit your needs. This ability alone sets
him apart from the other clean comedians.

Another difference is that Rik's act is multi-dimensional. In addition to his stand-up
routines, Rik sings his original comedy songs. Many of these have aired on
syndicated morning shows and even National Public Radio. This one-two punch
guarantees something for everyone.

Performances needn't be limited to holiday office parties. Rik has hosted awards
shows, sales meetings, fundraisers, year-end banquets, new product roll-outs - you
name it!

Aside from providing stand-up comedy, Rik also works with an improvisational
comedy troupe called Midwest Comedy Tool & Die.

“MCTD” can write entire shows full of comedy sketches based on YOUR COMPANY.
You give MCTD the inside scoop on your company and watch as sketches come alive
with the names and idiosyncrasies of key people in your group. It's like watching
your office on stage!

Contact us today to book Rik for your next event.
Comedian Rik Roberts
Barney Fife Impersonator Rik Roberts
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