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Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Minnie Pearl Impersonator Cindy Moore

Cindy has portrayed the role of “Tribute to Minnie Pearl” at Opryland Theme park,
performing arts centers, and major conventions worldwide.  Millions for over twenty
years have enjoyed her tribute portrayal of “Miss Minnie”. Her “Tribute To Minnie”
has been featured on the world famous Grand Ole Opry.

Cindy learned her craft from the original Minnie Pearl, Sarah Cannon. Sarah
discovered Cindy portraying  her tribute to“Miss Minnie” in Opryland’s Country Music
U.S.A. and saw something she liked in the young performer. She took Cindy under
her wing and schooled her in the finer points of the Minnie Pearl Character.  

Today, when folks ask Cindy, “Oh, are you the new Minnie Pearl?” Cindy respectfully
declines with, “There’s only one Sarah Cannon, there’s only one Minnie Pearl, I’m
just here to keep the legend going for you.”

She has appeared on several Grand Ole Opry spots and opening shows for Sinbad
& Bill Cosby as Minnie.

Book Cindy today for loads of laughs for your next event! I
t just so happens his wife
plays "
Johnny Cash".
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Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Minnie Pearl
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