Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Gary Flegal

Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Michael Jackson Impersonator Joby

Joby the only impersonator personally approved by Michael Jackson in a signed
statement. He is “The Ultimate Michael Experience".

As the Mirror Image of Michael Jackson “The Ultimate Michael Experience” starring
Joby is both entertaining and electrifying. After many years of intensely perfecting
the dancing and mannerisms of “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson, no other can
parallel the uniqueness of his look and style more precisely than Joby.

He was personally selected by Michael Jackson in a signed statement as the
“Official Substitute”. Joby is the only impersonator to ever appear on the cover of
“Rolling Stone Magazine”. This full stage production is a tribute to the music and
dancing of Jackson.

His performance engulfs the audience in a wave of visual and musical excitement.
Joby's stunning resemblance to Jackson combined with the intricate dance moves of
the genius himself presents an exhilarating performance preserving the legacy and
spirit of this entertainment Icon.

Be Prepared for an evening to remember. Everything from the signature moonwalk,
unbelievable dance moves, incredible talented back-up dancers and customized
wardrobe is recreated on stage. “The Ultimate Michael Experience” has performed
to sold out audiences all over the world.

Appearing on National television including Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel, Joby
Rogers does not imitate Michael Jackson.

When Joby takes the stage “He Becomes Michael Jackson”.
Elvis Impersonator
Donny Edwards

Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Michael Jackson
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