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Elvis Impersonator
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Johnny & June Carter Cash Impersonators Jeff & Chenoa

Jeff and Chenoa have a love for music of “The Man in Black” and bring their own
special touch to the songs of Johnny and June. “The Johnny Cash Show Revisited”
with The High Notch Band will have your group throughly entertained. Their duet
version of “Cry Cry Cry” will make you cry for joy!

They have been described as “The Best Johnny and June tribute ever heard”, “a
true tribute to a true legend of music”’ “awesome”, “unbelievable” and much more.
They can also perform with other impersonators including Willy Nelson, Kenny
Chesney and Garth Brooks if you'd like to add them to your show.

Growing up Jeff's dad would play Johnny Cash records all the time. As he got older
he found himself not just listening to the music but relating to the stories that were
told in his songs. Jeff feels so blessed to be able to have the talent to entertain
Johnny's fans and take them back for just a short time during his performance. He is
a local hit in his home town it is very rare to go anywhere that someone doesn't yell
"Hey Cash" and tells him how much they enjoyed his show. He has been performing
as the "Man in Black" for several years including at the Carter Family Fold and is
truly one of today's best Johnny Cash tribute artists.

Chenoa has been deeply rooted in country of music. She was exposed to the Carter
Family music at a very young age with her grandmother performing at the Carter
Family Fold she met Johnny and June on several occasions. Chenoa was considered
to be quite the little entertainer from the time she could talk. Whether she was
watching herself tell big stories in the mirror at the grand ole age of 3 or singing in
church and school functions. Singing and performing as "June" is very close to her
heart because it is like comfort food for the soul reminding her of her childhood.
Chenoa is also working to find her own in the music industry, and is currently
working in the studio on her first demo of original music. This young lady truly has a
passion for music this is why she takes such pride in performing as the legendary
June Carter Cash.

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Johnny & June Carter Cash
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