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Meet Mr. Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln Impersonator

Dennis presents an enlightening, informative, and educational look at the life of the
16th President as it might have been told by Abraham Lincoln himself.   From
Lincoln's birth in the wilderness of Kentucky to his early years in Indiana and
Illinois... from storekeeper to self-taught lawyer and politician... through his years
as President during the Civil War and his death at the hands of an assassin in
Ford's Theater.

He has researched countless books and papers and has diligently designed a
presentation that encompasses fifty-six years of Abraham Lincoln's life.  He has
portrayed Mr. Lincoln for countless schools, colleges and universities, churches, civic
organizations, television and the world famous Grand Ole Opry.

He's even had the honor of presenting President Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in
Washington D.C. His program expresses laughter, love, humor, forgiveness,
character, principles, morals, determination, and above all, leadership and a sense
of patriotism and pride!

"Meet Mr. Lincoln" is perfect for school presentations, state fairs, government,  
political and historical events and trade shows. The look on their faces when he first
walks into a room full of students is priceless. A treat for all ages!
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Impersonator Dennis Boggs
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