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Elvis Impersonator
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Nashville Magician Jason Michaels

Audience responses like this one are the reason Jason Michaels is established as
one of today's premier entertainers. Known for a slight edginess and raw energy,
Jason creates magic and illusions that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and question
your own understanding of reality.

The term "magician" simply isn't sufficient to describe Jason Michaels. Jason creates
an unforgettable experience far beyond the scope of the traditional "magic show."
While he makes excellent use of magic techniques, Jason also draws from an
extensive theatrical background to add depth and power to his performances. By
utilizing the mediums of acting, music, and multimedia, Jason Michaels is creating
unforgettable magic and dynamic illusions that connect with his audiences.

Jason initially became interested in magic during a visit to a magic shop almost two
decades ago. Jason spent his college years focused on the study of theatre and
honing his performance skills. Magic remained merely an intense hobby until the
opportunity arose to study and work with Brett Daniels, one of today's premier
illusionists. Daniels was a major influence on Jason's "post-graduate work" in the
field of stage magic and illusion. It was Daniels who imparted many of the secrets
and techniques that Michaels uses to this day. Jason also had the opportunity to
work with other masters of stage illusion The Pendragons and The Hamners. He
again worked with Daniels a few years later, touring China with him numerous

When Jason abandoned the safety net of working for other magicians, he employed
his razor-sharp sleight-of-hand technique to create lasting impressions on his
audiences while he simultaneously worked on producing his first stage show
"Illusion". Featured on several television programs, Jason's playful style of "street"
magic continues to amaze audiences with dazzling feats of visual poetry using coins
and cards and mind-numbing thought reading with only your mind as his

He has since opened for Tony Orlando, wowed celebrities, such as Martina McBride,
LeAnn Rimes and Barbara Mandrell and produced several shows including, "The
Magic World of Jason Michaels", "Life, Death and Majik", and "Illusion-The Many
Faces of Jason Michaels". A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
and The Society of American Magicians, Jason has won many awards, including
several international titles.

Today, his show Secrets and Illusions is a major hit at colleges and universities, in
performing arts centers at corporate events and on television. Jason's upbeat, fun
style of performing is a refreshing feel for an illusionist. To quote him: "Magic can
and should have the same impact that a song, a play, or a piece of art has. I want
my audiences to experience a roller coaster of emotions-fun, laughter, tension,
reflection, awe, and guaranteed excitement."

Whether performing a high-energy illusion show, intimate street magic, recreating
Houdini's infamous Underwater Torture Cell, or making a corporate CEO appear
magically from the ether, Jason Michaels is at home in any venue, on any stage.
Shakespeare proclaimed, "All the world's a stage." Jason agrees and is determined
to use every stage he's given to make a lasting impact on all who experience the
Secrets and Illusions of Jason Michaels.
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Elvis Impersonator
Chuck Baril
Jason Michaels
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