Michael Jackson Impersonator
Bobby Miller
Michael Jackson Impersonator Bobby Miller

There are many Michael Jackson Impersonators, but there is only one Michael
Jackson Celebrity Impersonator "Extraordinar" Bobby Miller He has been a fan of
Michael Jackson since youth. Hailing from the small town of Gadsden, Alabama,
Bobby’s childhood was not without its challenges. Bobby grew up in a broken home
and his mother was charged with the care of four children as a single parent while
herself suffering from a disability. Bobby had to become self sufficient at an early
age. With no father figure in the home, growing up in the projects was difficult
especially without a positive male influence. Miller found influence and inspiration in
the phenom, Michael Jackson. Bobby so admired Jackson that he would perform for
his mother's house guests and in the local neighborhood with a bucket to collect
funds to help with the finances at home.

Bobby made his first "Beat It" jacket out of a brown paper sack from the local
grocery store, where he drew zippers on it with a black magic marker. He cut a pair
of his church pants short at the bottom and wore tube socks with his penny loafers
to create his costume. Those who witnessed Bobby’s early performances were
amazed by the authenticity of his dance moves. The movement seemed to have
come very natural, as if that same special gift had been bestowed upon him by
Michael Jackson himself.

Bobby came to be known as the "Little Michael Jackson." At the age of eight, he
started entering talent contests, step shows, and school events performing as the
King of Pop. Bobby found that performing was his own outlet to life, and performing
as Michael Jackson made him the happiest. Bobby has studied Michael Jackson his
entire life and has performed as Jackson for decades. Miller has been awarded for
his innate ability to embody and exude the spirit and stylings of the King of Pop
while on stage.
He has been voted THE best Michael Jackson impersonator
in the Southeast!

You will love his professionalism and incredible talent for your group. Call us today
to book Bobby for your party or event.

"Bobby is an excellent artist, a true perfectionist. Awesome entertainer. He has
truly mastered the art of imitating Michael- one cannot tell the difference even up
close.  He walks and talks like Michael, sings like Michael, dances like Michael,
dresses like Michael - you will believe it is Michael!"

~ Walter Gardiner, T I Summajam 2014, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
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